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Lectia Annei Wintour

Lectia Annei Wintour

Oct 09
Ovidiu Buta
Am descoperit in discursul Annei Wintor de la comemorarea Isabellei Blow cateva lucruri extrem de bine punctate despre lumea modei, revistele de moda si Issy.  Enjoy & learn!

"In her last letters from New York, she stated 'Vogue is like joining the church. It is a full new perspective on life. It has a done a lot for the (hard to hear) inferiority complex.  I have become quite megalomaniac instead. The job is not exactly my first choice because I am not in the fashion department. But I do intend to move into the fashion department asap'.

When she was back in London she got her wish of course, working with Michael Roberts at Tatler. And then she never got out of the fashion department.  And very few people have ever made better use of their time in it. Over the years, whenever she would call me up to urge me to see someone new, I would do it because Issy thought it was important. 


I'll always remember Michael telling me that Issy had dragged him off to some dingy, God-forsaken club in Piccadilly, to see the show of her latest discovery. And excitedly saying to him, 'Wasn't he fabulous? And the show so unforgettable?'.

Michael didn't agree. 'Vile' was his estimation – and he told her so. Issy ignored it. She was so thrilled, she even had her hair gilded with the designer's name – McQueen – just like the girls in the show. And just as Issy predicted on our first meeting, as well as our early days together at Vogue, always stayed with me, even in the smallest ways.  When I'm interviewing a potential new member of staff, I always ask them what they are reading and I have yet to come across anyone who is at heartfelt or as memorable in their literary preferences as Issy.  But more than that I still put into practice what she helped me understand every single day I worked with her.  Issy believed that culture – and I firmly include fashion designers and magazines in this – should be constantly surprising and innovative and inspirational.  Yes, she was mercurial in her thinking.  Just when you thought her antennae were attuned to fashion, you'd suddenly realise they were now directed towards the contemporary art world. But that was her way.  She always wanted to encourage and to support whatever was good and new and original.  She did it for the love of talent, not self-promotion. Once I heard that some hapless individual had tried to embroil Issy in a scheme because it would be a way to promote herself. 'Publicity? Publicity?' she cried. 'I need publicity like Jane Eyre needs Mrs Rochester'.

The fashion world has changed so much since the (hard to hear) of 1984. It's become so global, corporate and yes, publicity-driven, in its outlook. Yet Issy never forgot what was really important. That at its best, fashion is about discovery and inspiration and creating magic. And that's why none of us will ever forget her."


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